Tom Alderman
2 min readJun 11, 2021

WEED ON AISLE 10 & OTHER INSIGNIFICANT FRIPPERIES — What’s your guess about when you’ll able to pick up your edible/chewable marijuana at Walgreens and CVS? They’ll be with the candy at check out.

FOR YOUR APPROVAL — We like to name our generations or at least give them numbers. Ex: The Greatest, The Silent, The Boomer, Gen X, Y or Z Generation. For consideration, how about we name this one The Online Generation. Need confirmation? The next time you’re stuck behind a car that doesn’t move when the light turns green, guess what the driver is doing.

THE AMAZING & SECRET GEEZER EXERCISE — Those of us with once nimble hands often tend to drop things as we ripen into super seniority. Yes, it is annoying until you realize frequent drops have a considerably hidden benefit. It means you have to bend down a lot to pick things up which is just another way of doing your much needed touch-your-toes exercise.

THE EVOLUTION OF WORDS — In days of yore, liberal was a synonym for generous as in “Pour be a liberal amount of ….” Now liberal means the festering pimples of socialism on every Democrats’ thin skin. And gay was a carefree, happy feeling with nothing to do with being in a closet. Think Gay Divorcee with Fred and Ginger.

Today gay is a sexual orientation well stitched into the fabric of our heterogeneous society and has zilch to do with closets or Fred Astaire.

And how about the word television stations as we use to call our 7 or so available channels. They’re now called platforms and instead of watching any of the countless options, we spend the entire evening searching, loading and sampling an over choice of dismal possibilities without ever actually seeing any one of them.

HOW MANY REMOTES DO YOU HAVE? — Like most cable equipped tv homes, you may have as many as five different remotes to deal with your set. There’s the one that turns the screen on.

The one for volume only.

The one for changing channels.

And the one that controls Roku, Amazon, Neflix and the all the others.

The fifth one does something, not quite sure what, but when you touch it, it undoes the other four.

Tom Alderman

Tom Alderman is a thirty year veteran media analyst, trainer and founder of MediaPrep.