Tom Alderman
2 min readOct 2, 2020

ARE WE THERE YET? — “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” Isaac Asimov


BIGGER IS BETTER — When companies and presidents claim to have the best, the most and the biggest whatever, it is wise to remember the Titanic

EMBRACE YOUR CLUTTER — If efficiency is of value in your household or office, clutter probably makes you a bit twitchy. Please consideration this: A certain amount of clutter is helpful and necessary. We all need a place for the unknowns, those ever expanding whatchamacallits that do not fit anywhere and just take up space in your basement, garage or closet where that toaster-oven you plan to get fixed one day still resides. There is that strange macaroni sculpture your seven-year old did. One day it will be a museum piece. Now it is flotsam. Into your clutter space.

Mental health experts say a designated clutter space can be an emotional over-flow tank, a place to contain stress that, like kudzu, tends to spread out if not contained. It’s a place to hold our imperfections. The Navajo Indians, understand this. When a weaver creates a rug, a thin line breaks out of the enclosed design pattern creating a deliberate flaw to remind us that we are not perfect.

To paraphrase psychologist William James, being wise is the ability to know which disorder to accept. So relax and embrace your indispensable clutter. You no longer have to get rid of that whatchamacallit in the closet.

DID YOU SEE THAT? — If you’ve seen the Trump campaigns’ recent audio manipulation of a Biden speech, isn’t a matter of days before the he puts out a doctored video showing Biden doing or saying something seriously diminishing or offensive.

ANALYZE THIS — Sigmund Freud smoked 20 cigars a day. He died from mouth cancer.



Tom Alderman

Tom Alderman is a thirty year veteran media analyst, trainer and founder of MediaPrep.