IT IS A COCKEYED WORLD - when we watch FOX News for comedy and Comedy Central for news.

CASTING IS EVERYTHING -So you are not the first choice. Does not matter. Here are some of the actors reported to be the producer’s first choice for the parts in…

Out of Africa: Audrey Hepburn (Meryl Streep’s part)

James Bond: Cary Grant (Sean Connery’s part)

Ferris Beuller: Johnny Depp (Mathew Broderick)

Thelma & Louise: Depp, again (Brad Pitt)

Forrest Gump: John Travolta (Tom Hanks)

Miracle on 34th Street: Cecil Callaway (Edmond Gwen)

Casablanca: Ronald Reagan (Humphrey Bogart)

Sunset Boulevard: Mae West (Gloria Swanson)

The Graduate: Robert Redford (Dustin Hoffman)

The Wizard of Oz: Shirley Temple (Judy Garland)

Streetcar Named Desire: Olivia De Havilland (Vivien Leigh)

Lawrence of Arabia: Albert Finney (Peter O’Toole)

Raiders of the Lost Ark: Tom Selleck (Harrison Ford)

Marnie: Grace Kelly (Tippi Hedren)

SLOGAN FOR 2020 DEMOCRATS Let’s Make America, America Again!


  • You accidentally delete a document you’ve been working

on for several hours.

  • You leave something on top of your car as you drive off.
  • No one understands the dazzling and conceptual idea you propose.
  • Your boss wants to talk to you and it is Friday afternoon.

You get a call from your landlord that people are coming by to look at the house/apartment you have been renting.

THE END OF NEWSPAPERS IS A BIT PREMATURE — You may be reading this on any one of your digital devices, but consider this from author Walter Issacson -“As the medium for the display of information, the printed page is superb. It affords enough resolution to meet the eye’s demand, it presents enough information to occupy the reader for a convenient quantum of time, it offers great flexibility of font and format, it lets the reader control the mode and rate of inspection. It is small, light, moveable, cut-able, clip-able, paste-able, replicable, disposable and inexpensive.”

THINK TRUMP & TWITTER — “Societies have always been shaped more by the nature of the media.” Marshall McLuhan & Quentin Flore, The medium

is the Mesage

Tom Alderman is a thirty year veteran media analyst, trainer and founder of MediaPrep.

Tom Alderman is a thirty year veteran media analyst, trainer and founder of MediaPrep.